Universities Scotland: Access All Areas

Universities Scotland has produced a comprehensive report looking at the range of widening access activity happening across Scotland’s 19 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).  To date, this information has not been contained in one report and even at that there was not space to include every single activity.

The report can be accessed here: http://www.universities-scotland.ac.uk/uploads/ACCESS%20ALL%20AREAS%20final.pdf

The report is exciting and inspirational.  It looks at the various stages of the ‘learner journey’ and plots the activities that correspond to that stage, e.g. primary school, secondary school, senior secondary school and onto working with colleges.  It is excellent to see this report highlighting areas of good (and best) practice and allowing us to learn from each other and start a much bigger and wider conversation about just what works.

“Widening access is a complex task and requires a joined-up approach across many partners including schools, colleges, universities, parents and Government.”*

Edinburgh Law School is proud to be among those at the forefront of widening access to the legal profession.  As a school, we work across many of the projects mentioned in the report and I would particularly like to highlight the initiatives we are involved with:

Work with Primary and Secondary Schools (page 19)

Sutton Trust Summer School (The University of Edinburgh ran this in summer 2012) (page 21)

Pathways to the Professions (page 23)

Lothians Equal Access Programme for Schools (LEAPS) (page 30)

Lift Off! (page 31)

Reach Scotland (specifically Reach Edinburgh) (page 33)

The report concludes: “Hopefully the lasting impression readers will take away from this publication is that whatever the age, whatever the personal circumstances, whatever path has been taken up until now, if an individual has the will and the potential to benefit, there is an opportunity available to support them into a higher education in Scotland.” **

*(http://www.universities-scotland.ac.uk/uploads/ACCESS%20ALL%20AREAS%20final.pdf Page 1)

** (http://www.universities-scotland.ac.uk/uploads/ACCESS%20ALL%20AREAS%20final.pdf Page 77)


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