Honours Law Essays

January brings new starts, new hopes and a new outlook for the year ahead.  Unless you're in third or fourth year and it just feels like it brings an Honours Essay deadline. Yuck!

As you work towards your 14 January deadline, try and remember a few things…

1. Regular breaks aid concentration and help you to take in more information.

2. Too much caffeine doesn't actually help and could lead to broken sleep.  Tired student plus stress multiplied by essay deadline = reduced productivity. 

3. Endless reading won't help unless you know WHY you're reading. Take a moment to ask what each new piece of information brings to your argument – or takes away from it.  Does this solidify your position or change it? Or is it irrelevant?

4. Note your sources as you go. There's nothing worse than scrabbling around for bookmarked links and the titles of books/cases/journal articles etc. at the last minute.

5. Keep thinking back to the original question as you read/write.

6. Read over your work as you go along. Yes – even when you can't stand to look at it anymore and feel it is silently mocking you.

For more tips on Honours Law Essays and how to approach them at Edinburgh Law School, look at the LawPALSHons guidance here.

Don't forget that the fact you are IN your Honours years means you already have the skills to cope with this new level of work.  🙂

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