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Last year, the team behind LawPALS piloted four sessions aimed at our Honours students.  The sessions were designed to ease transition from Ordinary to Honours-level study.  The sessions were popular and so we planned to run them again this year and branded them under the new name of…


LawPALSHons sessions take the form of large-group sessions with the chance to ask questions.  The Director of the Student Experience delivers content from the Edinburgh Law School perspective – aka what do we REALLY want from you at Honours! – and former LLB students come in to add the ‘peer’ element and talk about what it’s really like and how they coped with the new challenge.  Attendees are free to ask questions at any stageand feedback so far has suggested the students find these sessions a useful tool for moving forward with their Honours study.

Topics covered are:

How to get the Most out of Honours Seminars (run in week 2)

The Dissertation (run in week 3)

Honours Essays (run in week 7)

Honours Exams (running in March 2013)

For sessions already run, click the relevant link to be taken to the materials used.

These sessions are aimed at third year LLB students and fourth years who spent third year abroad.  The Dissertation session is (obviously) aimed at fourth years.

Students do not need to register to attend these sessions but instead should feel free just to turn up on the day.  Third and fourth years will be emailed by our Student Support Officer, Mrs Anne King, around a week before each event is held.  Sessions are not recorded but materials used are put online afterwards.

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