LawPALS is preparing for its seventh year in operation at Edinburgh Law School and is fast becoming one of our most famous exports so I thought it timely to share a short ‘Prezi’ presentation with further information about what it actually is.

I have been asked to speak about LawPALS at a few events recently as interest in peer assistaed learning grows across the university.  LawPALS has already inspired the set-up of PhysicsPALS, PsychPALS, Politics mentoring Scheme and many others.

We are happy to talk to colleagues about our experience of setting up and running a peer-based support system.  It might not be as much work as you think it is and the model is very flexible so can be adapted to suit your own discipline.

Access the Prezi presentation below and please do not hesitate to contact me for further information or clarification.


or copy and paste into your browser.

Lindsay Jack – Outreach and Study Skills Officer,

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