Innovative Learning Week: Law in Schools

Last week was the first Innovative Learning Week held at The University of Edinburgh.  Formal classes were suspended for a week while we all got innovative and looked outwith traditional teaching and learning experiences.  The resulting programme of events available for students to take part in in the Law School was nothing short of amazing.  You can view the whole programme here:

I chose to run an event called Law in Schools.   It was a bit of a two-pronged attack whereby current LLB students were invited to sign up to present their favourite area of law, or experience of studying law, to local state school pupils interested in studying law.  The school pupils are registered with Pathways to the Professions or its Borders and Forth Valley equivalent, Reach, and have indicated they are interested in studying law. The LLB students were grateful for the chance to hone their presentation skills and gain experience in communicating with a non-specialist audience.

I ran the event twice with a different group of LLB students presenting each day.  Some of the pupils attended both days.  Topics covered included: Criminology; Insolvency; European Law; Why I Decided to Study Law; Medical Jurisprudence; Climate Change and Law and Young Persons, to name a few.  The speakers had spent a lot of time putting their presentations together and had really thought about the audience.  Most of the students had also thought back to when they were first thinking about studying law and what they might have liked to know then.  

The pupils and students both enjoyed the experience with pupils asking me if we were holding any more events like this and some of the students wanting to know how they can be further involved in the outreach work we do here at Edinburgh Law School.  All in all a very positive result!  Whether the university chooses to run this initiative again in future years I am not yet sure of but I would certainly think about running this type of event again.


 *image from from a funny guide to 'Understanding Your Law Student'

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