LawPALS3: Review to Date

/Academic year 2011/12 saw the launch of a brand-new add-on to our successful LawPALS programme, LawPALS3.  These sessions are mostly aimed at our third year LLB students and our fourth years who went away on the ERASMUS scheme in third year.  Designed to help ease transition from ordinary to honours level study, LawPALS3 consists of lectures on study skills with question sessions at the end.  There are also supporting materials online for the sessions, including powerpoint and other presentations given on the day.  

The sessions focus on: Seminars and general induction to Honours-level study; Honours-level essays and Honours exams.  We also ran a session on the Dissertation for our fourth year students.

The sessions have been well-attended so far with 81 people attending the dissertation session, 23 attending seminars and general induction to honours study and 38 attending the essays session.  The final session on exams takes place in March and we are hopeful there will be a good uptake for that one too. 

The lectures have been given primarily by Lindsay Kelly with input from colelagues and students.  Professor Elspeth Reid ran the disseration session along with Lindsay and this was very well-received by the students.  other contributors included Andrew McWhirter and Victoria Smith, who have both studied their LLB at Edinburgh and are currently on the Diploma in Legal Practice, and Jamie Dunne who is also an Edinburgh LLB graduate as well as a DLP graduate and current LLM student.  Jamie is also the LawPALS Coordinator.

We plan to offer these sessions again next year for our students as they tell us they are helpful. 

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